We make graduation simple

Children have fun & love role playGrad_head
Your parents will treasure this event !
Early Years Photography offer something different for children who are leaving nursery and starting school, mark the occasion with a special Nursery Graduation Photo.
Your childrens first graduation is a major accomplishment. Show your children how proud you are with portraits that celebrate their special achievement. Early Years Photography can assist with the provision of graduation gowns and accessories.
Your parents may purchase a lasting memento of their child’s last day at Nursery.


 Nursery Manager, Sandra commented, “The nursery graduation is a real celebration for the children, marking their progression from nursery to Primary School.
It also means a lot to the staff as the occasion is very informal, sometimes a few goodbye tears & lots of hugs, its great for all,  families, children and staff”.HCK Nursery……


“The nursery graduation is a real celebration for the children  ….We have looked after many of these children since they were six months old, we love it!..”
……Bridget Nursery Manager, Lillie’s Day Nursery, London