The nursery graduation is a real celebration for the children  ….We have looked after many of these children since they were six months old, we love it!..

Bridget Nursery Manager, Lillie’s Day Nursery, LONDON
Nursery Manager, Sandra commented, “The nursery graduation is a real celebration for the children, marking their progression from nursery to Primary School.
It also means a lot to the staff as the occasion is very informal, sometimes a few goodbye tears & lots of hugs, its great for all,  families, children and staff”


“Thank you for your wonderful photos, the children and parents loved their pictures”.

Sandra Manager, HCK Nursery, LONDON



“I love all the different styles you do each year, GREAT!”, Sharon Manager,

St Mary’s Nursery, LONDON



“This year we had fantastic feedback from the parents,  have a great summer and see you next year”.

Yvonne Manager St Michaels Nursery, LONDON



“Lovely photos, and the photo day was fun, the children and staff had a great time”.

Brenda Manager ACDN, LONDON


“Great work as always”.

Beverley Manager, Bunnies on the Green, LONDON