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Photography services. We specialize in Nursery Photography, class photos & nursery graduation photos. With 30 years experience, working in the early years sector with all photos online. Need a local photographer, pictures for nursery, 1st class images, we are here for you, Pictures for Christmas, preschool graduations, class photos, family photo shoots

Our approach to nursery photography and preschool graduations is to create a relaxed and fun atmosphere where children can be themselves, and their personality and character can shine through during their nursery photoshoot. We strive to create images that capture the joy, wonder, and curiosity of childhood.

As a nursery photographer we have observed that children learn so much through simple play, this is key to their educational development and we are delighted to let your children have fun with our very popular
Early Years Photography approach and style at every Nursery Photoshoot 
 which is guaranteed to touch the hearts and warm the homes of all your parents and children. Your nursery Photographer should be passionate about nursery photography. We provide a no fuss online ordering service with affordable prices. For the best nursery photography you can trust, come to Early Years Photography. We take great pride in every nursery photoshoot we do.

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Our Nursery Photoshoot is still number 1 with parents and children

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Children have fun with us, parents love it. Our style gives you Nursery Photography at its best

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Our nursery preschool graduation photos are a great nursery leavers gift for preschool

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with so many enquiries from Nursery School Parents for Family Photoshoots at home

Nursery Photography

If you are a headteacher or owner of a nursery or preschool, we know that you are dedicated to providing a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for your children to learn and grow. As nursery photographers, we share that same commitment to creating a positive and enjoyable experience for the children we photograph through our nursery photography, class photos and preschool graduations services

In our photo gallery, you will see a range of images and class photos that showcase our nursery photoshoot style and approach, nursery photography is in our blood. We work closely with each nursery or pre-school to ensure that the nursery photography images we create during our nursery photoshoot are tailored to their specific needs and requirements. 


Dear Parents /Headteachers
If you have a question beyond the scope of our FAQs, please feel free to message us via our contact form

 Mum, Dad,

photographing siblings is no problem, we are more than happy to accommodate your requests, but please remember to inform your child’s teacher of your needs .

Within 10 Business days after your child`s portraits are taken your photographs will be posted to a secure online gallery

We offer the best Nursery Graduation Photos and for something special we offer Family Photo Shoots in London at Nursery or in your home, park or local beauty spot, our Family Photo Shoots are very popular. Our family photographers in london & home counties can also assist with your general printing and retouching needs. If you have any special requests please feel free to contact us and we will assist if we can.

We are proud to say this is not a common occurrence but if this dose happen to your order Please send us a message via our contact form with your full contact details and we will contact you to sort out the issue ASAP. 

image color can vary depending on the display  device used such as laptops, mobile phones, a work PC, a home PC and iPads etc. Each device will have its own unique color representation, which will lead to slight differences in how the image colors appear. therefore your ordered photo prints or digital downloads may vary.

We now offer safe and secure online ordering galleries with 24/7 access, this service has proved to be extremely popular with parents.

All Debit and Major Credit Cards accepted

When you order digital downloads using our online ordering system your images will be checked over by us before they are released. Once released you will be sent an email notification with a full copyright release & download link to your child`s lovely photographs.

Please Note: Due to the nature of digital downloads we cannot give refunds. Naturally if there is a discrepancy we are more than happy to rectify it.

With regards to print orders, we en-devour to only deliver photographs we consider to be of the highest standard.  If for some reason you are not 100% happy please contact us and we will assist you.  We want all parents to be happy with their orders,  therefore we will explore all options.  Alternatively, we will provide a full refund.

This is no problem.  Your child`s nursery will have a copy of all children`s Secure Online Gallery Access Codes, so please contact them for a re-issue code 


The best nursery school photographers in london are bound to receive great testimonials

I want to say a massive thank you to your photographer. She is an asset to your company. She was professional and friendly the whole way through. I never felt like she once rushed a child, she never complained about being on the floor the whole day and she remained bubbly and enthusiastic for the whole day.
Belmont Farm Nursery, NW, London nursery photoshoot
The nursery graduation is a real celebration for the children ....We have looked after many of these children since they were six months old, we love it!..
Lillie’s Nursery, SW, London nursery photoshoot
“Lovely photos, and the photo day was fun, the children and staff had a great time”.
Manager, St Mary’s Nursery, NW, London nursery photoshoot
This year we had fantastic feedback from the parents, have a great summer and see you next year”.
St Michaels Nursery, West London nursery photoshoot
"My Parents have been raving about the family photo shoots and the efforts of your nursery photographer and staff, we are very happy to book for next year."
HCK Nursery, North London nursery photoshoot
Our Christmas photos were very stressful last year….Your photographer, and yourself helping in this process, have been an absolute delight and made the experience so much better and stress free. "
Belmont Farm Nursery, NW London nursery photoshoot